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What is AquaPurge®?

The AquaPurge® system is based on an Advanced Oxidation Process which is essentially a natural process utilizing Ozone and UV to break down Hydrocarbons and other organic substances.

What does it do?

The AquaPurge® technology will treat all dispersed and dissolved hydrocarbons and organics, specifically targeted towards reducing any organics such as OIW, H2S, aromatics, phenols and COD content in produced water.

How does it work?

The AquaPurge® process works by breaking down molecular bonds, oxidising complex molecules to simpler ones. Hydrocarbons and organics are effectively broken down to their component parts of carbon dioxide and water.

Where would AquaPurge® fit into our produced water treatment system?

The AquaPurge® Technology is a tertiary treatment system and as such would be the last process prior to discharge or a recycling system.

Is the AquaPurge® system a batch process?

Primarily the AquaPurge® system is engineered to be a continuous flow process, however, for applications that require multiple treatments a batch process can be utilized.

Can the AquaPurge® system be utilized on offshore platforms?

Yes, there have been numerous offshore trials to date and all AquaPurge® systems can be designed to full ATEX specifications.

How do you know AquaPurge® Technology would effectively treat our produced water?

As a first step we would request produced water contaminant reports and run the data through our simulation model to ensure compliance to the process. We can then perform real-time trials with a scaled pilot system for proof of concept.

What is the scalability of the system and what size would it be?

The AquaPurge® system is fully scalable and systems can be supplied to treat from 50 - 100,000 bbls/day with size relative but not linear to the flow volume. As an example a system to treat 10,000 bbls/day would be approximately the size of a standard 8ft x 10ft container.

We do not have a constant flow rate, is this a problem?

No, the recirculation process within the AquaPurge® system allows for variable flow rates.

What utilities are required to run the AquaPurge® system?

Electrical power and plant air.

What would be the resulting waste stream and costs associated with disposal?

The AquaPurge® system utilizes an oxidation process resulting in a zero waste stream and as such there are no disposal costs or logistics required.

What are the consumable items and opex costs associated with the AquaPurge® system?

Unlike filtration or absorption based treatment systems there are no common consumable components. The only replacement parts would be UV bulbs on a bi-yearly basis so opex costs are at a minimum.

Can you assist with other Produced Water concerns?

Yes, we have partnership agreements with other produced water technology companies in conjunction with whom we can offer a complete water management solution.