flow_diagramGreenthreads’ patented AquaPurge® System is based on an Advanced Oxidation Process. AOP is essentially a natural process using Ozone (created from dry air) and UV to break down hydrocarbons and other organic substances to their component parts of carbon dioxide and water. The process breaks molecular bonds oxidising complex molecules to simpler ones; resulting in a zero waste stream.

The AquaPurge® process breaks down any compounds that can be oxidised, so it is also efficient at removing contaminants such as H2S, COD and BOD which can also be found in produced water. Ozone is generated by means of a high voltage electrical corona discharge in the presence of dry air. The resulting air/ozone mixture is injected into a bypass of the main process stream and the oxidation reaction takes place in the process equipment.

The AquaPurge® system is a tertiary treatment system which has been proven to remove up to 98% of all hydrocarbon content in produced water including dissolved and dispersed oils. This can assist companies in meeting legislative requirements which are in place as well as meeting future pending legislation.

testA key benefit of AquaPurge® is the ability to remove hydrocarbons and other contaminants in produced water with minimal maintenance and with no additional waste stream, a feature that competing technologies do not share.

The cost of operating AquaPurge® compared to an alternative tertiary treatment method is highly competitive and is truly a cost effective method for treating produced water.

In addition, the AquaPurge® system was inspected by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) whilst on ConocoPhillips’ Judy platform. Following this the inspectors declared that GT were entitled to state that the system was "as inspected by DTI"(DECC).