who03The Greenthread business vision and strategy is to provide an entry to exit project managed solution to the clients produced water issues. In addition to their proprietary AquaPurge® technology Greenthread have entered into strategic technology partnership agreements with two other water technology suppliers in the UK and USA. Through these agreements Greenthread has the capability to service every market segment, application and geographic.

Complementary Technologies

Greenthread have established agreements with companies who have complementary technologies that enables the individual companies to offer a wider suite of water remediation solutions.

Greenthread continues to consider further options of expanding the technology offering by increasing the scope of agreements with additional companies. This will enable us to remain in a leading position with competitive, innovative solutions.

Complete Water Treatment Solutions

Greenthread can tailor a complete water treatment solution for our clients. From primary treatment through to disposal or re-injection, we can offer a solution that is fully compliant to global environmental legislation and standards.

Installation & Commissioning

Greenthread will work together with clients and 3rd parties from initial review, to audit, installation and final commissioning to ensure a fit for purpose solution.


Greenthread can engineer a ‘custom built’ system to improve the process of any water treatment equipment. Full onsite audit and inspection are part of the service.


Offshore and onshore servicing by fully trained professionals.

Rental/Sales Model

Greenthread has an equipment rental and direct sale financial model to fit with customers CAPEX and OPEX budget requirements.