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BioStim solutions by Greenthread. What's in it for me?

Unlocking the biological good in pollutants is what we call BioStim.

The commercial treatment of pollutants is often driven purely by environmental impact concerns. Biostim transforms the commercial treatment model of pollutants; by changing the chemical structure of organic pollutants to make them safer for environmental biodegradation but also producing a useful organic by-product that may have commercial repurpose potential.

Every organic pollutant can be treated with BioStim technology. Greenthread proven solutions using BioStim include the following:

Aquapurge: For Airport De-icer Waste Water
De-icer glycols and toxic additives can accumulate in natural waterways and soils, dangerously reducing oxygen levels required to support healthy ecosystems. BioStim transforms de-icer pollutants into simpler chemical products that are safe for the environment and have a fraction of the biological oxygen demand. Furthermore, these chemical by-products may be repurposed instead of being discharged into the environment.

Aquapurge: For Oily Bilge Water
Consistently reduce the oil in water levels of bilge discharge fluids to Marpol regulatory limits and below. Transform bilge pollutant toxicity, eliminating bioaccumulation of toxins in the world's oceans by enabling the complete biodegradation of pollutants with seawater bacteria.

BioBoost AD: For Cellulosic Biogas Feedstocks
Cellulose is the most abundant sugar source on the planet, and the most renewable. It is also the most difficult feedstock source to access. BioStim easily cracks apart the cellulose structure, unlocking glucose sugars that will increase the methane yields for any Biogas AD plant. Furthermore, complete digestion of cellulose leads to significant reductions in digestate waste.

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