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Airport De-icer Solution

Aquapurge by Greenthread

Making your de-icing operations 100% ecosystem safe.


Transform de-icer runoff water into biodegradable products that are safely and more quickly broken down by naturally occurring bacteria.

Be confident your de-icer operations do not impact water quality or aquatic ecosystems.

  • Eliminate toxic de-icer chemical additives

    Eliminate toxic de-icer chemical additives

    Make inhibitors, surfactants, pH buffers, viscolelastic polymers, and coloured dyes in deicers 100% eco-safe to avoid toxic bioaccumulation.
    Stop de-icer impact on environmental dissolved oxygen levels

    Stop de-icer impact on environmental dissolved oxygen

    Multistage treatment reduces biological oxygen demand of aircraft de-icers, and simultaneously saturates treatment stream with excess oxygen.
    A proven solution for small to medium sized airports.

    A proven solution for small to medium sized airports

    Small footprint, electrically powered treatment system designed to work synergistically with natural waterways and soils in waterflood runoff areas.

Multistage Treatment

Aquapurge transforms de-icer into safer chemicals that require less oxygen demand to break down.

It then saturates the treatment stream with excess oxygen for enhanced natural biodegradation.

Aquapurge treated de-icer waste needs less dissolved oxygen (DO) to biodegrade, meaning the risk of devastating aquatic ecosystems is greatly reduced.

Transform De-icer for Low Oxygen Demand (g O2/kg)

Transform De-icer into Safer Chemicals with Lower Oxygen Demand (g O2/kg)

Saturate with Oxygen

Saturate with Oxygen

Reduce Oxygen Impact

Reduce Oxygen Demand

Supercharged Biodegradation

Making your de-icer pollutants 100% biodegradable

Plug and play de-icer treatment system for small to medium airports.

How do we do it?

Advanced Oxidation Process



An extremely powerful oxidising agent that breaks down to pure oxygen after use.


The energy of photons in short wavelength light excite and ionise molecules, changing their chemical structure.


Natural Earth elements activate powerful chemical reactions that are regenerative and non-toxic.


Micro bubbles with shock waves as hot as the surface of the sun, and pressures exceeding 1500 times that of Earth's atmosphere.


At Greenthread Solutions our team are passionate about making our planet a safer and healthier place.

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