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Bilge Water Solution

Aquapurge by Greenthread

Environmentally safer bilge water. Forever


Exceed Marpol discharge limits by transforming your bilge pollutants into biodegradable products that are safely and more quickly broken down by seawater bacteria.

  • Break Oily Emulsions

    Break Oily

    Break apart emulsions with 20 micron or less oil droplet size without adding chemicals.
    Remove 100ppm Oil spikes

    Remove 100ppm
    Oil spikes

    Enhance the performance of your oily water separator to achieve 5ppm oil in water at discharge.
    Be Marpol Confident

    Be Marpol

    Meet or exceed Marpol discharge compliance whilst at sea. Permanently.

Double Down

"Doubling down" is our way of describing the dual benefits of our superior treatment action, reaffirming our commitment to treatment solutions that deliver far superior results;
  1. Reducing oil and chemical pollutant concentrations while unlocking biodegradable molecules in your bilge water, means its 100% safe to discharge overboard.
  2. Transforming your bilge water toxicity levels ensures a quicker and more complete breakdown of all pollutants released into the ocean.

Reduce Oil in Water

Reduce Oil in Water

Reduce Bilge Toxicity

Reduce Bilge Toxicity

Aquapurge Treated Bilge Water

BioStim Pollutants

Aquapurge Treated Bilge Water

Marpol Supercharger

Seamlessly integrates with your existing Oily Water Separator for enhanced performance.

Retrofittable skid mounted treatment for pollutants that make it past your oily water separator

How do we do it?

Advanced Oxidation Process



An extremely powerful oxidising agent that breaks down to pure oxygen after use.


The energy of photons in short wavelength light excite and ionise molecules, changing their chemical structure.


Natural Earth elements activate powerful chemical reactions that are regenerative and non-toxic.


Micro bubbles with shock waves as hot as the surface of the sun, and pressures exceeding 1500 times that of Earth's atmosphere.


At Greenthread Solutions our team are passionate about making our planet a safer and healthier place.

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