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Net-Zero - Why is it important? Is it even necessary?

Reducing carbon initiatives have paved the way for global strategies in technologies and solutions that can reduce our dependence on carbon but also recycle carbon.

Having Net-Zero ambitions subscribes to our wish to adopt alternative practices in our industrial processes and personal routines by rebalancing any carbon emissions through the removal of an equivalent amount from the atmosphere.

Greenthread have pioneered technologies that can help businesses realise Net-Zero targets and tap unseen commercial value. Our solutions are waste-centric, and focus on helping our customers generate additional value from pollutant streams.

By creating nutrient products from waste streams, our BioEnergy customers are able to unlock additional fuels for transport, heating and electrical power.

Reduce CO2 Impact

Similarly, by-product generation creates value from pollutant waste streams, yielding organic chemicals that can be repurposed into other industries.

Reducing carbon emissions often involves rethinking business processes with our customers and demonstrating how changing for Net-Zero can be a beneficial decision.

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